About Us

The idea for developing an all encompassing online magazine, that could become “Everything Rocky Point”, has evolved from discussions between Michael Graham and Manny Sanchez, that began in October 2015…concept has now become reality and we have a starting point. Readers can see by looking at our front page category headers, that we have set ambitious, content driven goals…there’s still much for our team to do, as we continue to input that content, while endeavoring to provide up to-date news, information, photo’s, video’s, interviews, reservations and a comprehensive current events calendar…in fact everything rocky point.

We welcome visitors comments and contributions to content. What are we missing? If you have an idea for an article or story please let us know…better still how about writing something that you think other readers might find interesting or informative. Mexican phone 638-388-6518 – email address: admin@penascotoday.com.

In the near future, we will be debuting our Spanish language website penascohoy.com.

Our Team

Manny Sanchez Jr: Born here and has lived in Puerto Penasco most of his life…he is our photographer and drone pilot. As we continue to build content, visitors will have an opportunity to see much more of his unique pictorial views of Rocky Point. We feel fortunate to have him as an integral/founding member of our Team.

Jesus De La Puerta: Born in Puerto Penasco. Manager of website operations, Jesus has lived here all his life…he knows the city, the places and the people who live here, better than most. Have questions or need help contact him:

Michael Graham: Canadian who has lived and worked in many different countries. He plans to live in Puerto Penasco for the rest of his life and is an enthusiastic co-founder of penascotoday.com and penascohoy.com.

Telephone Numbers:
Mexico 638-388-6518
Cellphone 638-112-3961