The excitement builds up as the Festival OTI USA Mexico inaugurates with a press conference to get under way.  Present at the press conference was General Director of the Festival Juan Carlos Serrano Young, scene and logistics coordinator Ernesto Leyva, in behalf of Kiko Munro, the mayor Puerto Peñasco, was Jorge Valdez, Rocky Point Radio’s host of Parrandeando con la Huera  Anahi Martinez, Sol de Peñasco’s hostess and Festival OTI USA Mexico Director Marisol Celaya.
The General Director of the festival Juan Serrano, expressed how truly happy he is for the Festival to be held at Puerto Peñasco. The mayor’s representative Jorge Valdez, informed that the Puerto Peñasco is honored to be chosen for this great event and this will take our town to national and international levels. The event will attract people from many places to Puerto Peñasco and is a great opportunity to show them what our town has to offer.
Juan Serrano, General Director of the festival, gave detail of the event. The Festival OTI USA Mexico consists of upcoming artists, unknown artists, and people who want an opportunity to become an artist, making and presenting a music video of an untitled unpublished song. Marisol Celaya, hostess of Sol de Peñasco, continued detailing by saying that registration and videos must be sent to the General Director of the festival by March 24th, 2017. The director will make a pre-selection of the videos that will develop into the first pre-eliminatory phase on April 22nd, 2017 and the second eliminatory phase will be on June 10th, 2017. Following the 2nd eliminatory, there will be the semifinal on August 12, 2017. The great final held here, in Puerto Peñasco, will be on November 4th, 2017.
The General Director stressed that the songs must be untitled and unpublished or they will not participate. The prize for the winner will be a music video, full recording, professional counseling, and $1,000.00 dollars. He added by saying that ¨We want the festival to be a blessing to the winner, and it may benefit other participants as well¨. Another form of participation is being a sponsor, and for that you will be awarded with publicity through the festival. There will be several sponsor packets for you to choose from. All sponsors will be also given privilege to walk the Red Carpet as well, added Marisol Celaya.
Anahi Martinez, hostess in Radio Peñasco, invited her listeners and everyone to participate and take this opportunity to make your dream come true. Scene and logistics coordinator, Ernesto Leyva, welcomes everyone to join the festival and added by saying that this is the door to your door to success.
For more information contact:
Phone: 045(638)112-0948
Lic. Marisol Celaya Directora #FestivalOTIUSAMexico