PUERTO PEÑASCO JUST UPPED IT’S TOURISM GAME !! About 8 month’s ago I started talking with many North American zip line companies. I invited one of the best zip line companies owner & his wife to stay with Sarina & I at Esmeralda Resort & we drove them to comp hill & long story short Peñasco will now have a very nice 5 stage zip line course w/ one section being one of the longest in Mexico at almost a 1/2 mile long. A HUGE thank you to Gustavo Brown who is allowing this to happen on his land. Gus Brown as you know is a big promoter & developer in Peñasco & also has donated the land for the convention center & the cruise ship home port. The zip lines are expected to substantially help boost tourism here in Puerto Peñasco. The zip lines will be high above the ground so they will not impede any current usage of the mountain. Final paperwork is currently in the process of being drawn up for signatures. The zip line company is one of the best around & has constructed many zip lines in the USA & also in China, Costa Rica & the British Virgin Islands & they have a 100% perfect safety record. This company will build, manage, run & maintain the Peñasco zip lines. The owner told me that construction is to take place this December & January & grand opening scheduled for March 1st, 2017.

Information for: Eric Brown